About Breadcrumbs and The Way of Thinking

I have never questioned the term or function of “breadcrumbs”, until a friend arised “Why do we have to have a Home” to a site that I was working on.

“Breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs trail is a graphical control element used as a navigational aid in user interfaces. It allows users to keep track of their locations within programs, documents, or websites.

I was a bit shocked. I mean, why not?

“The content’s pretty clear and simple enough, don’t you think?”

Yes, true? I then took a serious look at the site: my client’s product categories were only two, each contained less than 50 products and sorted chronologically, About contained an onsite contact form, so as for Shipping Notes. That’d be all. You are not drawn. The logo, as common practice, it’s of course linked to primary URL – a “Home”- and yes, that is the whole point.

We forget, educational phase for visitors to navigate a site is far gone. Just like, we don’t see as many heavy QR code layout for the purpose of “Follow Us” on a WeChat subscription/service account’s posts nowadays. People knows where and how to “follow” “buy” “share”, even a “search” of things, topics, wordings that interest them – with or without you putting up the hyperlinks, et cetera.

That being said, for secondary purposes like VI recognition, enhancement, or a redirecting purpose like a scream out of call to action, affiliate, it could be another story.

In my case, the new “Home” appears to be the main product category and it goes well with its logo (not only visually, but information acceptableness wise) which is placed on screen top left aligned with breadcrumb. The breadcrumb bar itself becomes a rhythm speaks for its brand and products. It is clean, clear, no jargon, minimalism. My client loves it.


A company’s website now can be as simple as a single landing page displaying social media icons. It is all wired down to the matters of layers, complexity of content, site purpose or the message at time. So why not a thoughtful breadcrumb? You already make it this far.