Make Marketing Practices Greener And Smarter

I stumbled upon Feiy (WeChat subscription: FeiyChina) the other day and learnt about Sheedo.

Plantable paper? How crazy is that.

Sheedo is a recycled paper made out of cotton waste, free of toxic chemicals, that contains seeds in the composition and so is plantable.

“By planting it after use, it is like giving it a second life and a closure to the consuming circle. And this creative upcycling use,” says Feiy editor Paulette, “is completely shaking up the paper industry by transforming waste into better quality and environmental value products.”

Why not make your company greener?

Let’s think about all the paper that companies and businesses are consuming everyday?
What about using ecological products to make marketing and branding actions more sustainable and innovative at the same time?

Tackling a real environmental issue – the voice in paper industry is, to contribute to plant trees instead of cutting more.

From business cards to credentials, clothes tags, envelopes, flyers or even packaging… Sheedo paper is making it happen.

If you’re interested in knowing more or to see the paper by yourself, you may reach See also Sheedo’s portfolio here.

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